Sunday, May 07, 2006

Renewable energy is for the little people

Jeff Jacoby notes that Ted Kennedy likes regulations when it suits him, but not when it affects his view from Hyannis Port: “Kennedy doesn’t play by the rules”:

But like a lot of well-to-do Cape and Islands landowners and sailing enthusiasts, Kennedy doesn't want to share his Atlantic playground with an energy facility, no matter how clean, green, and nearly unseen. Last month he secretly arranged for a poison-pill amendment, never debated in either house of Congress, to be slipped into an unrelated Coast Guard bill. It would give the governor of Massachusetts, who just happens to be a wind farm opponent, unilateral authority to veto the Cape Wind project.
Both Ted Kennedy and John Kerry have twisted themselves into pretzels trying to present their green bona fides while opposing a renewable energy solution in their own backyard.

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Matthew said...

It would be interesting to see how that poison pill would stand up to a legal challenge. Can the Feds really delegate that to the state? And what if the next governor supports the wind farm project?

Interesting to say the least.