Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I can’t improve on this – From the Superficial: “Madonna kicked off her new tour by crucifying herself on a giant mirrored cross and wearing a crown of thorns. The difference between Madonna and Jesus? When Jesus did it everybody in the world didn't want to punch him in the face.” Ho-freakin'-hum, Madonna. Why not try something really controversial and come out with a Koran stuffed down your pants? That'll get people talkin'!


Anonymous said...

I went to a Madonna concert back when she actually had some good songs out. Throughout the whole concert she complained about the rain. Now she's trying to gain attention by showing off on a cross. Glad to know people are getting wise to her antics. Just sing for goodness sakes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! I haven't been so shockingly shocked by the shock of Madonna's shocking shock since she last shockingly shocked us with shock.

Er... what year is this again?

Anonymous said...

She was boring in the 80's, and she's boringer now. She's famous for being famous.

JackTanner said...

I hope she puts a huge donation in the collection plate since iconography is basically the basis of her career.

Carnival said...

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