Thursday, May 11, 2006

Renewable energy is for the little people, continued

From the Boston Globe: “4 legislators weigh in on wind farm measure

Four Massachusetts congressmen say they will vote for a measure that could kill the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm as the face-off over the project intensifies on Capitol Hill. US Representatives William Delahunt, Barney Frank, Edward Markey, and Richard Neal plan to vote for the provision, according to an AP survey.
Every kind of energy requires some kind of sacrifice but the Kennedy clan and its acolytes stand against wind power because of the aesthetic “impact” on their Nantucket vacation homes.


ATMX said...

We should attach a provision that bans Massachussets from accepting below cost fuel oil from Chavez to the same bill.

Reliapundit said...

the massachusetts libs are ooposed to ewind farms and a massive one is being built of the coats of texas by texans.

go figure.

PCD said...

Yet, if you research what it takes doing a conversion to E85 for your car, a google search turns up an article telling you it is basicly illegal and violation of Federal Laws.

Time to wipe the books clean of these Environment laws and start over.

Oh, I think I'll convett my car to run on E85 and make a public stink if the Feds come after me for it.