Monday, May 15, 2006

Socialism + racism = famine + economic ruin

From the WashPost: “Desperate Zimbabwe moves to lure back white ex-farmers

Other former farmers have treated the government's offer with suspicion bordering on contempt. President Robert Mugabe encouraged landless black peasants to invade commercial farms beginning in February 2000. He portrayed the longtime white owners -- about 4,500 farmers who owned most of the country's best agricultural land -- as thieves who had deprived the 12 million black Zimbabweans of their birthrights.
The downward spiral of Zimbabwe can be blamed on nobody but Robert Mugabe who stoked the flames of racism and encouraged a violent melee of land redistribution. As a result, Zimbabwe has degenerated from the former “breadbasket of central Africa” to a top recipient of international food aid. Six years later, Mugabe can no longer blame Whitey for Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation, privation and ruin.

Extra - Will Franklin has a much more on Zimbabwe: “When "reducing inequality" becomes the primary goal and function of a government, economic disaster is on its way. Guaranteed.” Word.


Pat Patterson said...

Mr. Mugabe obviously wasn't taught much by either the Jesuits or the University of London. Let's see you put the seed in the ground and then wait for the Five Year Plan to make it grow.

jd watson said...

The only way to make people equal is to make them equally miserable.