Sunday, May 28, 2006

Unemployed in Europe

Every Sunday, the Boston Globe has the “Globalist Quiz” about events or trends in the world and (almost) every week, I get the answer wrong. Here’s today’s question:

The recent protests in France put a spotlight on the employment prospects of young people in Europe. While the French government has relented and withdrawn the Youth Labor Law, which made it easier to hire and ?re young workers, unemployment among young people remains a problem throughout Europe. Which of these nations has the highest rate of unemployment for young people?

A. France B. Switzerland C. Italy D. Poland
Answer here. That’s a lot of unemployed kids.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was a bit odd that the statistic for youth unemployment counted those aged 15-24. Does it work the same way as the regular unemployment rate, i.e. only those who are looking for a job are counted as unemployed? After all, the vast majority of persons aged 15-17 in the U.S. are in high school. Some people that age have regular after-school or summer jobs, but many do not. The same holds true, to a lesser extent, for those of college age.