Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The GOP is in rough shape

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Democrats will benefit. From “No wonder voters doubtful about Dems” by Thomas Bray on Real Clear Politics:

Democrats hope that George Bush's miserable poll numbers will help them reclaim control of Congress this fall. But polls also show that the Democratic Party's overall approval ratings are almost as deep in the tank as the Republican rating. Voters may be expressing dismay at the alternatives.
The closer we get to election day, the greater the chance of a “Paul Wellstone” moment where the Democrats drop the mask and reveal their true agenda.


Anonymous said...

And so it's come to this.

Or maybe Batman will show up at the last minute to save the GOP. Batman's a genius! He'll know what to do!

JackTanner said...

Dem agenda '06 - '08

Surrender in WOT
Tax us back to the stone age to pay for entitlements and payoff to keep LA welfare state
Amnesty for all illegals
Impeach Bush

Not necessarily in that order