Friday, October 18, 2019

The most explosive witness ev...oh, never mind

Federalist: "Adam Schiff Flip-Flopped On Whistleblower Testimony After Reports Of Coordination" - "After news broke that Schiff's staff had secretly worked with the whistleblower prior to the complaint being lodged, Schiff moved to prevent the whistleblower's testimony."

Sky is blue news

Mona Charen: "Elizabeth Warren Is Not Honest."  Yeah, that's because of all the lies.

Extra - Issues & Insights: "Who’s Going To Pay For Elizabeth Warren’s $43 Trillion Agenda?" - "Warren would have to raise middle-class taxes. Massively. And not just to pay for Medicare for All. She won’t say it. Reporters won’t pressure her to, or hold her accountable for her attempt to deceive the public. But there is no escaping it."  No kidding.

Senator Bennet has concerns

Politico: "Can any of these people beat Trump?"
This, Bennet fears, is how Trump might luck into a second term. Oh, sure, the president will continue to scare moderates and independents with his erratic behavior. But Bennet wonders if Democrats might scare them even more—what with talk of seizing guns, banning fracking, guaranteeing health coverage to undocumented immigrants, raising taxes across the board, imposing political litmus tests on churches, and of course, eliminating private insurance for more than 150 million people.

“Just listen to this debate,” Bennet says, motioning toward the television. “Medicare for All shouldn’t even have made it to the debate stage. I mean, we’re a free country, and that’s fine. But of the Democrats who won in 2018, in those suburban districts, all but one person won their primary running on the public option—against candidates who supported Medicare for All. I understand this has been Bernie’s thing forever. But for some of the leading candidates to sign on to his bill gave it legitimacy. It’s just…”

He drifts off, shaking his head.
As the article notes, Bennet isn't the only one exasperated with Liz Warren's non-answers.  And, to circle around to my debate complaint, the questions are always so predictable.  Why hasn't anybody asked these candidates why they're talking about health care reform less than 5 years after Obamacare was going to fix it all?  The media doesn't ask hard questions because they want to protect their favorites.  This will play well in flyover country.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

No thanks

Hot Air: "Falling Ratings, Pointless Snark: Why Hold Televised Debates At All?"

I didn't watch the last debate mostly because I can't stand to hear the canned answers anymore, mostly from Fauxcahontas who simply refuses to answer any question directly.  The only thing that will save this tired format is 1) every question starts with a yes/no hand raise question followed by explication and 2) a series of oddball questions just to mix it up. 

How's that sham impeachment inquiry going?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

So there won't be leaks from this testimony

Now we know why the so-called impeachment inquiry is behind closed doors.  Gotta control that narrative.  Federalist: "Top Diplomat Testified That Obama Admin, Not International Community, Orchestrated Ukraine Prosecutor’s Firing" - "The Obama administration, not the international community, orchestrated the ouster of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating a company connected to Joe Biden's son, a top diplomat testified to Congress yesterday."

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Party like it's 1799

City Journal: "California Goes Dark" - "Multiple factors have led to planned electricity blackouts across the Golden State."

Wild, and I do mean wild, card

It's hard to believe the Washington Nationals barely fought their way into a wild card spot, won the wild card game, won the division series and now are going to win the NLCS.

Bottom of the first inning: Washington 7 - St. Louis 0.

She lied about that too

Daily Caller: "Liz Warren Once Eulogized A Man By Accusing Him Of Sexual Harassment In Front Of His Children."  The guy who allegedly chased her around his desk had been stricken with polio

Sunday, October 13, 2019

They're not lies, they're "bigger truths"

Townhall: "It's good to be a Democrat."  "The Democratic Party’s nominating process has devolved into the “Woke Olympics,” and no position on the left is more coveted than that of victim. It doesn’t matter of what. This rich white lady with a history of sweet, high-paying gigs needed to find some way to claim her “victim cred” with voters. So she made it up."

National Review: "Elizabeth Warren Is Jussie Smollett." 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

The enemy within

"We're in a permanent coup" says...Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone fame.
My discomfort in the last few years, first with Russiagate and now with Ukrainegate and impeachment, stems from the belief that the people pushing hardest for Trump’s early removal are more dangerous than Trump. Many Americans don’t see this because they’re not used to waking up in a country where you’re not sure who the president will be by nightfall. They don’t understand that this predicament is worse than having a bad president.

The Trump presidency is the first to reveal a full-blown schism between the intelligence community and the White House. Senior figures in the CIA, NSA, FBI and other agencies made an open break from their would-be boss before Trump’s inauguration, commencing a public war of leaks that has not stopped.
I didn't vote for Trump and often wish he would pull it back a bit.  But it wasn't so long ago that we were told it was "horrifying" to question the results of an election and since November 2016 there's been a non-stop temper-tantrum that the Queen was denied her tiara.  A month later, a coalition of Hollywood elites and their media buddies urged the electoral college to ignore their duty.  Then, as Taibbi notes, this led to a coordinated effort by intelligence agencies to undermine the duly-elected President with a series of leaks that led to the Russia hoax and now the Ukraine hoax.

Hard to believe but up until now Nancy Pelosi has been the voice of reason against impeachment.  But she's since succumbed to the AOCs and idiot Swalwells of the party and now she's backed herself into a zugzwang where she can't make a move that won't expose the inanity of the Democrats.

So here we are: the national election is just a year away but we couldn't possibly give the American people the opportunity to choose their President.  They might make the wrong choice again.

Crazy people, by which I mean the Dem candidates

Tom Nichols in USA Today: "Do we still agree on beating Trump? After your LGBTQ forum, I'm not sure."  The pandering was fabulous!

A question not asked: "No one was asked the most important question though – should biological boys be allowed to beat up on high school girls in sports? Guarantee every single one of these pathetic pandering losers would say yes."

Oh yes they would.

Yeah, just imagined if that happened

Victor Davis Hanson: "On the Whistleblower Kerfuffle, Imagine a Different Scenario."
Imagine . . .

If in early 2015, some White House staffers transcribing confidential presidential calls were disturbed about one conversation that President Obama had with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif. The two allegedly had confidentially discussed the staggered release of some $1.7 billion in withheld U.S. dollars to Iran — as an understood exchange for the release of 4 American hostages, $400 million of which was to be delivered, in an unmarked cargo plane at night, and in various currencies to Tehran.
Oh that's different because shut up.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Just a show

Kim Strassel: "Ukraine Smoke and Mirrors" - "There’s no substance behind the accusation Democrats claim is impeachable."

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Nancy Pelosi: "l'état, c'est moi"

Yeah, about that: "Democrats face consequences of skipping floor impeachment vote."
And a federal judge, hearing arguments Tuesday about whether the House Judiciary Committee should get grand jury materials from the special counsel report from Robert S. Mueller III as part of an impeachment inquiry, questioned when she could know such an inquiry had begun if there wasn’t a floor vote.

“Where are you suggesting I should draw lines?” Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell asked House General Counsel Douglas Letter.
Are you telling me that the Speaker of the House can't just declare "impeachment!"?  What is this representative government coming to?

Hat tip: Instapundit

Yankees suck

NESN: "Twins’ Tyler Duffey Explains Simple Difference Between Red Sox, Yankees Fans."
“Boston’s fun, they’re baseball fans,” Duffey said. “Yankee fans, they just hate people.”
Verdict: true.