Friday, August 05, 2022

In case you missed it

Joey is playing the classics again:
Like I said, I was raised in one of those households where when the price of a gallon of gasoline went up, it was a topic of discussion around the kitchen table.  And we weren’t poor, we were just typical middle-class family in a three-bedroom house with four kids and a grandpop.
And today:
I literally can remember sitting at my mom and dad’s dining room table and watching them choose which bills they’re going to this — that month because there wasn’t enough money to pay all the bills.  I get it.  That’s why I’m doing everything in my power to lower the costs for families.
Sure thing, Joey.  You would never make up a story.  That's what Cornpop told me.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

More inflation on the way

Reason: "The 'Inflation Reduction Act' Won't Actually Reduce Inflation" - "But it will hike taxes, including on Americans earning less than $200,000 annually."
"The impact on inflation is statistically indistinguishable from zero," concluded the Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM), a number-crunching policy center based at the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, if the bill's passage had any impact on inflation in the short term, it would be to increase it very slightly until 2024, according to the group's preliminary analysis, released on Friday.
It's almost like they're passing it to say "we did something."

Oh, you don't say, you don't say

Hot Air: "NY Times: Say, this influx of migrants to Washington, DC is quite taxing."

I'm sure I told this story before but a couple years ago I saw a concert at Tanglewood deep in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.  Somebody had to make a comment about how "nobody is illegal" and "all are welcome" or something and I told my kids that not a single person in that audience would ever have to face the consequences of illegal immigration.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Reuters to the rescue!

Powerline: "I scream, you scream, Reuters screams." - "What strikes me about this episode is that Reuters evidently believes that Joe Biden’s mental decline is so severe that people really will think that he wanders away in a fog when he hears an ice cream truck. In that respect, the “fact check” is unintentionally revealing."

It sure is.  

Today must be Opposite Day

I've come to praise Nancy Pelosi and criticize Ron DeSantis.

The Corner: "Why Pelosi Did It, in Her Own Words."  I thought Nancy might shy away from her Taiwan trip but, not only did she go, she laid some serious smack on the Chinese government.  Good for her.

On the other hand, I'm a bit disappointed that Ron DeSantis turned down an offer to appear on "The View."  Back in May, I criticized Chuck Schumer for running away from an invitation to appear on Tucker Carlson's show.  

This was a prime opportunity for DeSantis to face his stupid accusers.  You gotta grab those chances when you can.

Monday, August 01, 2022

Sunday, July 31, 2022

The irony of this tweet

Let's recall this Joe Biden boast the week he both plunged the country into recession and caught Covid twice.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Food is expensive

Breitbart: "Poll: 4 in 10 Americans forced to cut back on groceries due to Bidenflation."

I got some stuff today and do you know what's really expensive?  Cold cuts.  When I make a sandwich for my work lunch, I'm now asking myself: "Can I afford a second slice on this roll?" 

Extra - Sign of the times: "SPAM goes on lockdown due to inflation in NYC."  It's come to this. 

Friday, July 29, 2022

Death of the newsstand

It looks like days of selling ink on the city corner are coming to an end.  As noted in the article, digital media put the newsstand on the ropes and covid killed it:
“I used to stand in the cold selling the New York Times — that’s how I started,” he recalled. “We’d sell 60, 70 copies of the early edition, 200, 300 copies of the late, at a slow location. In the terminal, a thousand copies a day.” On a recent summer Tuesday, despite the crush of street traffic, tourists in the streets, people lazing in the park, he’d sold a total of six.
Maybe people just don't want a lousy product.

Take a break, Joey, you've earned it

For the record, Joe Biden did nothing today.  Must be nice.  Good thing we're not in a recession.

He had no public events on his schedule Wednesday either but the White House quick-scheduled a Rose Garden speech so Biden could announce his negative Covid test. 

This story is LIT

Washington Free Beacon: "Inside the Woke Meltdown at One Domestic Violence Organization - Women Against Abuse discouraged black domestic abuse victims from calling the police. Yes, you read that right."

The ACLU is another example of these left-wing groups who have a core mission that is subsumed by the woke agenda to the point where the original mission fades away.

Remember when the ACLU supported free speech?  I 'member. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Biden Recession is here

And I, for one, am blown away at Joey's adult-in-charge responsibility-taking.

And, right on cue, the Mainstream Media signals they've received their marching orders: "AP and Bloomberg give a master class for the rest of the MSM on how to spin the Great Biden Recession."

Also: Afghanistan went as well as expected.

Here's the adult-in-chief bravely running away from any questions:

Extra - Red State: "A Petulant Joe Biden Makes a Cowardly Move in Presser Held After GDP News."  I may be wrong but I think the last sit-down interview Dementia Joe had was February with Lester Holt.  Not counting the Jimmy Kimmel train wreck.