Sunday, June 30, 2019

What media negligence?

Hot Air: "Ten Years After He Became VP, News Outlets Decide Biden’s Track Record On Busing Is Noteworthy."

Where was the media when Biden was joining the Obama campaign?  Silently celebrating the ascendancy of the One and ignoring anything that would spoil the woke party.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Pocahontas really hates corporations

Every single response Elizabeth Warren gives to any answer is that corporations bad.  Here's Stephen Green:
Warren says the problem with private insurance is that insurers want higher premiums, but pay out as little as they can in benefits. She'll fix that by putting you on Medicaid, where your coverage will compete for tax dollars for everything from Lockheed to potholes.
She and DiBlasio were the only ones who raised their hands when asked if they would take away everyone's private health insurance and force Americans onto Medicare for All. 

It's a parking lot

Ace: "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faked Pictures of Crying at Sight of Caged Children, Was Really Just Acting Outside of Empty Parking Lot."
This is too grotesque and clumsy a maneuver for even the media to ignore.

Nah, just having you on. Of course they're ignoring it and pretending they're not aware that Democrats are blocking money for the purchase of toiletries and bedding at the same time they shriek about not having adequate toiletries and bedding.
This nitwit knows one move: accuse anybody critical of her of racism, sexism, anti-New York-ism, and failing to understand "dry humor."  So the press lets her wear the bucket on her head and call it brilliant and brave.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What biased media?

Jim Geraghty: "The Highly Conditional Priorities of Our National News Media."
The argument isn’t mere hypocrisy; the argument is that large swaths of the national news media are only truly interested in topics when they are useful for demonizing Republicans. Immigration-enforcement methods that were bottom-of-page-A24 news in the Obama administration become top-of-page-A1 news in the Trump administration.
Why do most Republicans think that most Democrats are secretly fine, or at least indifferent, to the way ICE searches for, detains, and expels illegal immigrants? Because most Democrats were fine, or at least indifferent, to the way ICE searched for, detained, and expelled illegal immigrants during the Obama administration.
As we get closer to the election, we'll be hearing the evergreen "scare Grandma" stories about cutting entitlements.

Biden is the man with experience...that he's disavowing

Reason Online: "Joe Biden's Immigration Hypocrisy - Biden lambasts Trump for using the harsh enforcement tools that Biden himself helped create."  "[Yesterday] Biden penned an op-ed in the Miami Herald positioning himself as a champion of immigrants whose polices will reflect "American values." But look past the highfalutin rhetoric and what you find is rank hypocrisy combined with the lamest reform agenda." 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Null and void

Ace: "Oh Boy: Special Prosecutor Appointed to Probe Kim Foxx's Corrupt Handling of Jussie Smollett Case; As Kim Foxx's Fake-Recusal Sham Was Illegal, Jussie Smollett May Be Recharged and Retried."

Ace does a rather good review of the case: since DA Kim Foxx had no authority to recuse the case to her deputy, the whole farce is essentially vacated.

If I remember correctly, one of the reasons given for Jussie's sudden release is that prosecuting the case would be expensive for Chicago.  Now the Windy City will have to swallow all the expense so far along with a special prosecutor.  

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Joe Biden celebrates Juneteenth

As only Joe can.  Rolling Stone: "Why Did Joe Biden Praise a Segregationist?"  He's the original Gaffe Machine.  Only 17 more months of this!

Covering the microphone

Politico: "'It’s a farce': Dems livid as Hope Hicks dodges questions."  A White House lawyer appeared with Hicks and pretty much invoked privilege at every question except her name.

It's "Hope Hicks."  Unique!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Don't tread on me

Reason Online: "Stop Treating Government With Respect" - "It's become nothing but a weapon fought over by people who want to smash each other—and you."

Monday, June 17, 2019

The culture of theft

Legal Insurrection: "Student journalist: Shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery was part of Oberlin College’s “Culture of Theft”."

Two observations: the blog Legal Insurrection should absolutely win a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Gibson's Bakery vs. Oberlin College saga.  It's been an amazing expose, revealing the rot that has taken hold at the liberal college.

Second point: the $33 million penalty imposed on Oberlin is the culmination of a permissive atmosphere where entitled SJW are coddled and never told "no"  You'd think that schools like Evergreen College, the University of Missouri, and Hampshire College would have adjusted course when they started shedding hundreds of students.  Maybe a multi-million dollar fine will send the message they failed to receive when they had the chance.

As a refreshing contrast, here's the administrators at Ohio State telling students to GTFO or they're going to be arrested then expelled:

"We gotta fix this health care mess!" - Amnesiac Joe Biden

Twitchy: "‘Swore he took care of that’! Joe Biden just admitted we were right about Obamacare all along."  #BFD indeed.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

But Orange Man!

The Hill: "Aren't delirious Democrats now accusing Team Obama of treason?"

It's ironic that the only person in Washington who has been definitely shown to have not colluded with foreign powers is Donald Trump.  Do Democrats really want to dredge up their history in the Ukraine, the bogus Steele dossier, and allowing Russian interference?

Let's have that discussion, by all means.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Firing Comey is a "dead letter"

This story was on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday but you need to wait a day until the transcript shows up.  GWU law professor Jonathan Turley had some thoughts about the charges against Trump on obstruction of justice.  He's not impressed:
TURLEY: Correct. Well, firing the FBI director, I think, is a dead letter. I don't think that can be the basis of obstruction. There was a great number of people that believe that Comey should be fired. It didn't impact the investigation, ultimately. A special counsel was appointed. And there is a myriad reasons to do it.
And he's pretty down on the "obstruction" involving White House counsel McGahn:
TURLEY: Well - but also, what the White House has argued is that we wanted to raise a conflict of interest, and that's a legitimate thing for us to raise with the deputy attorney general. And we did not order him to be actually fired, and we weren't trying to stop the investigation.
Speaking of NPR, this afternoon somebody said "we're joined by Adam Schiff" and it was time to put on classic rock.  This guy has nothing.

Get woke, go super broke

Legal Insurrection: "Oberlin College to Jury: We’re cash poor and big punitive award to Gibson’s Bakery will hurt students." 

Monday, June 10, 2019

AOC has never seen "Oleanna"

I've pretty much given up on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because it's obvious she's an idiot who mouths off kneejerk socialism while running away from substantive debate.  Ever the victim, she's beset by sexism, racism, ageism, and people failing to understand her "dry humor."

Today she responded to a story where 60% of male managers indicated they're uncomfortable mentoring female employees because they might be #MeToo'd to death.  In her glib fashion (or maybe it's sarcasm), AOC declares "Is it really that hard to not be creepy?"  It certainly is when there's women like AOC around.

In 1992, American playwright David Mamet premiered a play called "Oleanna".  In that play, a female student utterly ruins her professor's life in a series of escalating conflicts where false accusations stack up until he is overwhelmed.  Mamet saw it coming 27 years ago.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Oberlin College loses

No other person in news or bloggery has been following the case of Gibson's Bakery vs. Oberlin College like Legal Insurrection.  Read the whole thing: "VERDICT: Jury awards Gibson’s Bakery $11 million against Oberlin College."

Friday, June 07, 2019

Biden caves on the Hyde amendment

Twitchy: "Awkward: Biden aide ‘struggled badly’ on CNN to explain boss’s Hyde Amendment one-eighty."  As noted here, the video is remarkable because of the presence of journalism.  The CNN interviewer simply wants an answer as to how Biden supported the Hyde amendment for 42 years (!), reaffirmed his position on Wednesday, then flipped completely on Thursday.

Extra - The Hill: "Such explanations beg the question of what justification — other than cold-eyed political calculation — could be offered for such a rapid U-turn on an issue that is fundamentally the same as it ever was."

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Broke my phone

Bad news: screen's all screwed up.
Good news: thanks to the "cloud" nothing is lost.  Working off an old Samsung.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Monday, June 03, 2019

Embrace the atom

National Review: "Democrats' curious disdain for nuclear power" - "Until they embrace nuclear energy as a key to reducing emissions, the party’s many presidential candidates will be hard to take seriously on climate change."

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Blowing out of the Windy City

City Journal: "Chicago’s Hemorrhaging Housing Market - High taxes and government debt have soured buyers on Illinois and the nation’s third-largest city."  The housing market has collapsed because nobody wants to buy property in Chicago and assume the high property tax burden.

So much cringe

Twitchy: "If this interview with Elizabeth Warren is any indication, ‘Trump will straight-up murder her in a general election’."

These videos are packed with more cringe than the "Scott's Tots" episode of The Office.  It's bizarre how Warren falls back onto the same shopworn statements but it certainly explains why she won't appear on a Fox News town hall meeting.  All politicians have canned answers but hers peg the B.S. meter every time.

Extra - Legal Insurrection: "Should Trump stop calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and start calling her “Rachel Dolezal”?"  Meh, she's never going to be the nominee.  Better to focus on Grandpa Joe.