Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Much like my high school social life, this blog is a solo effort

I’ve pretty much steered clear of the immigration debate, not because I don’t have an opinion on the matter, but because others have much stronger opinions. However, never did I imagine there’s be a topic so volatile to split apart one of the best group blogs. Nevertheless, Polipundit decided there was no room for debate on immigration prompting contributor Lorie Byrd to jump ship. In response, John Podhoretez wrote a critical post on the Corner titled: “The inability to stomach disagreement.”

It’s a classic lose-lose situation since Polipundit will be a weaker blog with a single voice while Lorie and the other Polipundit contributors will have to retreat to their less-traveled personal blogs. Plus it makes Polipundit (the blogger) appear intolerant to dissent, a defect we usually associate with the moonbat Left.

The lesson here: don’t get stuck in entangling alliances.


Richie Rich said...

Yes, that's too bad. Just like it is for President Bush, the illegal immigration issue is a no win situation for Polipundit.

Still, I have to believe there were some highly charged criticisms that got a bit personal.

Very unfortunate. The interesting thing is - the Democratic position (grant everyone immediate citizenship and voting rights) is even worse than the "moderate" GOP position.

Anonymous said...

It's so cute, the way you think there's a "Republican" and "Democratic" position on this.

Both parties' attitudes can be summed up as WWSWD? "What Would Sam Walton Do?" But it's such a messy and touchy subject that the Dems are confused about who they should pander to hardest while offering something for everyone (AKA nothing for anyone). And the GOP's usual manure-shoveling just isn't working on the once-reliable Bushbots anymore. They thought this could be their gay marriage ballot initiative for '06, but it blew up in their faces.

Robert said...

We are being invaded. Podhoretez wants us to shut up unless we agree with him. Some free speech.