Monday, May 22, 2006

The Breck Girl returns – You know, I wouldn’t mind John Edwards so much if not for his overwhelming self-regard. He’s a one-term Senator and he spent half of his tenure running for the vice presidency. Before that, he was an ambulance chaser. The American Thinker asks if Edwards was “The worst vice presidential candidate in history?” I assume it’s limited to American politics.

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Anonymous said...

Well, there is Spiro Agnew. Somebody is bound to bring up Dan Quayle (whom Edwards reminds me of). Yeah, he was smarter and better than portrayed, but the press dumped on him a lot only because Quayle made it so easy. Geraldine Ferraro could never rise above her token-hood and knee-deep in corruption hubby. Is anyone shocked that I would bring up Thomas Eagleton?

On the other hand, Edwards is the only one who thinks that having run, and lost, lends him some kind of gravitas and entitlement. I guess Edwards could be called the "Jimmy Carter of failed VP candidates."