Friday, May 19, 2006

With a name like “Howell” you know it’s got to be snooty

Slate’s reviewer Jack Shafer doesn’t think much of former NY Times editor Howell Raines self-serving memoir:

How much of the crap sluicing through this book does Raines really believe? All, I'm afraid. In Chapter 33 he boasts of possessing a "high regard for factual and moral truth," even in memos to the staff, the implied conclusion being that inferior forces at the newspaper—the dullards, lifers, and militant traditionalists whom he threatened—toppled him for speaking straight.
Raines also takes a swipe at “brainless bloggers” even though we have more credibility than Jayson Blair. Remember him, Howell? No? (Hat tip: Spartacus)


Anonymous said...

Quite evidently those on the Left believe that any crap they spew consists of "Speaking Truth To Power". There are none so blind as they who will not see.

Anonymous said...

People with irreparable eye injuries are blinder.