Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is a super idea – The NY Times political reporter Adam Nagourney asks: “Hey Democrats, why win?” and submits it would be better for the Democrats to remain in the minority to improve their long-term prospects. Listen to that man. He went to journalism school.


Anonymous said...

Bush can't govern now. And his strength is certain to be shaved to the bone for 2007-08. The article proposes that an incremental Dem improvement, combined with further GOP stagnation, could well lead to a sweeping Dem takeover in '08. THIS is an outlandish premise?

JackTanner said...

If, God forbid, the Dems do take control of either the House or Senate it'll expose them as the hapless, anti-American nitwits that they are and give prominence to criminal lunatics like John Conyers. In that sense he's right.