Friday, May 05, 2006

Quick shots

I’m heading over to a neighbor’s house for a barbeque tonight, but here are a few stories that caught my attention:

That $15 billion boondoggle – “Big Dig probe expanding 6 managers at concrete firm facing fraud charges.” When you use low-grade concrete on roadways or garden walls, it just degrades a little faster. When you use low-grade concrete in the Big Dig, you’re drowned by the Charles River.

Real Clear Politics: “No Leadership + No Urgency = No Solution To Energy Problem

John Derbyshire on Bush’s poll numbers and his loss of conservative support: “I hang out with conservatives, and I hear this ten times a week. If you bloat the budget, open the borders, and back off in the culture wars, you're going to lose conservatives. This is not rocket science.” I remain confident that the Democrats will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, right Mac?

And Porter Goss resigns – hmmm…that was sudden.

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