Saturday, May 06, 2006

People are fed up with crazy Tom’Mission’ fizzling – Box office imploding”: “Friday night's numbers are in for "Mission: Impossible III," and they aren't what Paramount or Tom Cruise might have hoped for. The JJ Abrams-directed blockbuster took in only $17 million according to website That's a good $3 million off the lowest predictions, and $8 million off what a real mega hit would have been.”


Anonymous said...

I can't think of much that would make me happier than to have this movie fizzle because of this crazy Scientologist!!

Anonymous said...

I saw it. I noted that none of the screenings were sold out on a Friday night, which I thought was unusual.

I thought it was better than MI-2, though I find Kerri Russell (Felicity) and the modelesque Asian woman as improbable IMF agents. Of course, being Hollywood fare, they had to make the plot include some nefarious scheme by a politically connected IMF agent to launch a war by providing terrorists access to some mysterious bioweapon.