Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Women wuv W

The NY Times has an article today about how President Bush is doing surprising well among women voters, possibly because “security moms” are shifting their votes to the candidate perceived to be better on national security. Did they title the article: “Bush makes inroads with female voters?” How about “Security fears bring women into the GOP camp?” Nope. Incapable of hiding the bias for their candidate, the NY Times titled the article “Kerry in a struggle for a Democratic base: Women.

Writing in New York Metro (hat tip to Arts & Letters Daily), Naomi Wolf believes that Kerry is losing women voters in part because Teresa makes him look like a paperboy on an allowance:

Teresa Heinz Kerry’s speech [at the DNC] , which all but ignored her husband, did more to emasculate him than the opposition ever could. By publicly shining the light on herself rather than her husband, she opened a symbolic breach in Kerry’s archetypal armor. Listen to what the Republicans are hitting Kerry with: Indecisive. Effete. French. They are all but calling this tall, accomplished war hero gay.

The charges are sticking because of Teresa Heinz Kerry. Let’s start with “Heinz.” By retaining her dead husband’s name—there is no genteel way to put this—she is publicly, subliminally cuckolding Kerry with the power of another man—a dead Republican man, at that.


David L said...

Forget Iraq. Forget bin Laden. The Number One Domestic Issue is the liklihood of Islamist jihadists murdering American women and children again. Which candidate will make our schools, shopping malls, homes and work places the safest? I don't believe gender has anything to do with American attitudes on this question.

Leave it to the politically correct MSM to interject bigoted gender distintions into an issue that affects all Americans equally.

Anonymous said...

He's a guy who married the richest widows he could find. He's a guy who thinks France is going to help us, if he asks nicely enough. He's a wooden, aloof, emotionless drone with a superiority complex. He's a guy who tries to "look like a leader," while he sends out political hatchet men to do his dirty work for him. As far as his home state goes, the guy's been AWOL for years. Can you think of a single significant piece of legislature connected to his name? I can't.

George Washington: wrong for America. Wrong for our future.