Friday, September 24, 2004

The dysfunctional couple

Andrew Sullivan, who has been no fan of President Bush lately, writes that “John Kerry is a lousy candidate” in this essay titled “Kerry’s Problem: Kerry.”

On his blog, Sully also takes a shot at Teresa:

She really is an embarrassment: a stereotype of the arrogant, mega-rich liberal, who has long forgotten that the only reason anyone is interested in what she has to say is her inherited money. My own theory is that she also has something to do with the new gender gap, where women are no longer as Democratic as they once were. Women look at Kerry's marriage and do not relate. They see a man who has married mega-wealthy heiresses twice, and they then look at the Bush marriage and see something simple and calming and traditional.
It’s conventional wisdom that the potential First Lady has almost no bearing on how Americans vote. However, with every passing day, Teh-ray-za says or does something to drag down her husband’s candidacy. Is she merely out of touch, or just plain nuts?

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