Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Anger and delusion on the left

Sometimes I wander over to Daily “Screw Them” Kos to see what the left is saying. It’s never very pretty or accurate. On today’s top page, you’ll find:

Remember, there won't be a draft under a Kerry administration.”
While sensitive to the confidentiallity [sic] rule under normal circumstances, Bush v. Gore wasn't normal circumstances. It was a coup.”
Of course, registering the voters is the first step. Getting them out to vote will be the next. If we can get half of these people to the polls it'll be a big victory. And these are all people that are being missed by polling of "likely voters".”

Yeah, it’s funny how the pollsters discount people who have never voted from the “likely voter” pool. I smell a Karl Rove dirty trick!

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Anonymous said...


"New Voters Flooding Election Offices
By ROBERT TANNER, AP National Writer

New voters are flooding local election offices with paperwork, registering in significantly higher numbers than four years ago as attention to the presidential election runs high and an array of activist groups recruit would-be voters who could prove critical come Nov. 2.

Cleveland has seen nearly twice as many new voters register so far as compared with 2000; Philadelphia is having its biggest boom in new voters in 20 years; and counties are bringing in temporary workers and employees from other agencies to help process all the new registration forms.

(and so forth...)"