Saturday, September 18, 2004

CBS staffers love the Dems

From the NY Post’s Page Six: Rather’s crew backs Dems

WITH Dan Rather and CBS under fire for broadcasting what seem to be fake National Guard documents in a story slamming President George W. Bush, probed the political contributions made by CBS News staffers. Turns out that Rather's minions are overwhelmingly Democratic. CBS News-ers have donated $17,050 to federal candidates and political action committees since 1982. Of that amount, $10,800 was for Democrats and the DNC; $3,500 went to Lenora Fulani's wacky New Alliance Party; and only $2,750 went to the GOP.
That’s right: among CBS staffers, the GOP received less money than the New Alliance party. But remember: journalists have a super-human ability to put bias aside and report the news with absolute objectivity.


Anonymous said...

Hey, where are you VP? I went to school in Amherst and my boyfriend works at a tennis club in Stockbridge every summer. Glad to hear you are on the Right side. And especially liked your post about the Madison kids and "Lambert field."

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy, Lordy, NO! $491 per year funneled to the Dems since 1982? Stop the flood of dirty money!