Sunday, September 19, 2004

Negative coattails

From the WashPost: “Democrats reassess prospects to win House

Democrats' hopes of regaining the House majority this fall -- never bright at best -- appear increasingly dim, in part because of Sen. John F. Kerry's lackluster campaign performance over the past six weeks, numerous analysts say.
I have been saying for years that Terry McAuliffe is the greatest gift to the GOP. He moved up the timetable for the Democratic primaries and the party lunged at non-screamer John Kerry. Now the transparently inept Kerry campaign represents the Democratic Party as a whole and Americans are turning away. Thank heaven for Terry McAuliffe.


leaddog2 said...

Hugh Hewitt comments that we should NOT get complacent and that this article could be one of some sort of Rope-a-Dope strategy.

Actually, I have NEVER Met a Demoncrat smart enough to do that, but they MIGHT exist somewhere.

So, let's get ALL of our Votes to the Polls and celebrate on November 3rd!

David L said...

What! WHAT!! This is unbeleeevable! Nancy Pelosi, is the Heartthrob of the House, the poster girl for calm, reasoned debate and fairness (and my personal choice for the Mother Teresa award, not to be confused with the Mama T award)! How could anyone not want more Nancies running around the capital? Amazing!