Wednesday, September 29, 2004

He’s got a ticket to ride…to heavenScott Muni dead at 74

I grew up in Northern New Jersey, in the shadow of the New York radio system and rock station WNEW-FM. At 2pm on weekdays, DJ Scott Muni would kick off his three-hour set with a John Lennon or Beatles song. On Sundays, Muni hosted the Beatles-oriented show “Ticket to Ride.” To this day, if I hear the opening chords to that song, I respond like a Pavlovian dog with Muni’s words: “Hello and welcome to this week’s Ticket to Ride.”

Rest in peace, Scottso. Enjoy some British Biscuits and some Hookie Dookies.

Bonus: Two years ago, I wrote a book review of “FM: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio” all about the turmoil at WNEW-FM.

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