Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kerry makes his position clear…to nobody

Considered alternate title: “One position with a thousand clauses.” Try as he might, Senator Splunge continues to confound on Iraq. The Boston Globe put on a brave face with “Kerry looks to clarify stance, views on Iraq” but the article catalogues all the contradictory statements he’s made over two years.

Tony Blankley dubbed Kerry “The Massachusetts drifter

At any given moment John Kerry sounds decided, resolved, adamant and powerfulin his convictions. But just as the appeasers against whom Churchill railed seven decades ago, Mr. Kerry soon undecides his decisions, revokes his resolution, drifts away from his adamance, liquifies his solidity and gelds the potency of his previous conviction.

Anyone with such a recent record of ludicrous reversals and re-reversals would not be taken seriously enough to be quoted by the national press (if he wasn't the standard bearer for a great party's presidential quest.)
And Slate piles on with this snarky title: “Kerry answers questions! The press still doesn’t understand his position on Iraq.”

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