Saturday, September 18, 2004

Obscure song roundup

Here, for no particular reason (other than to get away from politics for a moment), are ten great songs that you’ve probably never heard of:

“Curbside Prophet” – Jason Mraz
“Come to Love” – Matthew Sweet
“(Down at) Papa Joe’s” – The Dixiebelles
“Selfless, Cold and Composed” – Ben Folds Five
“Get Over It” – OK Go
“The Fall of the World’s Own Optimist” – Aimee Mann
“Wind Me Up” – Fastball
“Nation of Shopkeepers” – Graham Parker
“Philosopher’s Stone” – Van Morrison
“The Lighthouse” – The Gibson Brothers

This may be part of a continuing series of rummaging through my CD collection.

1 comment:

Toren said...

Matthew and Aimee are both on my short list.
Got to admit the rest are unheard.