Tuesday, September 28, 2004

One question

Sweet mercy, take a look at this:

Senator John F. Kerry set some new markers for his diplomatic skills yesterday, saying that as president he would immediately convene a summit of all European and Arab heads of state "to figure out how together we're going to assume the burdens" of Iraq and proposing that another country could provide a base for training Iraqi security forces.
A summit. A freakin’ roundtable of wine sniffers. If I could ask one question of John Kerry at Thursday night’s debate it would be this: “Assume that as President, you determined another country posed a threat to the safety of the United States and you simply could not convince other nations to help us against this country. Would you take unilateral action?”

I guarantee that Kerry would not, could not, answer this question. He would blather on about not accepting the premise of the question, or trying again to convince our allies until they understood the threat, or prattle on about the United Nations. His “answers” to Iraq, the war on terror, environmental policy, trade negotiations, and energy security all depend on subjugating American influence and independence to French surrender monkeys.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for, Bush would be even worse at having to answer impromptu questions that weren't governed by the 35 page rules of the 'debate'.

Wine sniffers .... would you feel more comfortable if they were sniffing miller lite?