Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Don’t jinx it

We sometimes play out a skit at work. If things are running well and there’s a vague feeling they’ll turn out OK, I’ll turn to my co-worker and say: “Hey Don Larsen! You’re on the way to pitching a perfect game! In the World Series, no less – can you believe that?”

In the spirit of that heady, premature, highly fragile optimism, here’s an article on Crush Kerry titled “How bad is John Kerry’s campaign? So bad that the race is already over.” Love it, but let’s celebrate on November 3rd.


Anonymous said...

It works, but....
"Mickey Mantle has described how players in the Yankee dugout spent the entire afternoon of October 8, 1956 in shock, as Don Larsen persisted in attempting to engage teammates in discussion about his World Series perfecto as it unfolded."


LargeBill said...

Concur. I argued with my brother months ago that Kerry's nomination would result in a landslide. Now that we are approaching the election I don't want to discuss a landslide as people may decide their vote isn't important. We need to keep people motivated to show up on election day. Mainstream media will not publicize Dem attempts at voter fraud which is the only real threat to the reelection campaign.