Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Chip & Kim win the Amazing Race – I have nothing against them, but Chip carried this “team” the entire way and they benefited from dumb luck by gaining a faster flight when the other teams’ flight was delayed. Great race, though. Looking forward to the next one.


Bruce said...

I wouldn't say it was purely "dumb luck". Sure, by being the last to call for their tickets, they were lucky to be the first to get the news of the delayed flight. But, the other teams made no attempt to confirm their plans or to get updates on the status of the flight. They snoozed, they...uh...loozed.

At least the pretty boy and his whiny girlfriend din't win. They annoyed me almost as much as the "little person" team.

And who WOULDN'T pick the luge? Come on!

Fausta said...

Let's not forget he also downed 1 kilo of caviar and an ostrich-egg omelet like they were nuthin'. I was rooting for them ever since.