Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Washington state Governor’s race update – With over 2.8 million votes cast, the current spread between the candidates now stands at 13 votes.

A recount is expected (duh).

Update - Thanks to Dr. E who tipped me off on the latest:

Republican Dino Rossi's tiny lead over Democrat Christine Gregoire in the closest governor's race in Washington state history triggered an automatic recount Wednesday.Rossi held a 261-vote lead - out of 2.8 million ballots cast - after counties reported their final tallies to the state.
Whew! That's a close shave.

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Dr. Eirik said...

The final results just came in apparently (that 13 vote result was with about 2000 votes still to count). Last tally is Dino Rossi(R) by 261.

Now, I'm sure King County will come up with a couple thousand more votes for Gregiore...