Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A hole in the ground

Boston’s Big Dig is the gift that keeps on taking. After swallowing $14 billion (with a B) in state and federal funds, this is the upshot of Ted Kennedy’s massive boondoggle: “Big Dig found riddled with leaks Engineers say fixes could take decade.” Great. There go all the highway funds for us rubes in Western Mass. They should have just paved that thing with stacks of $100 bills – it would have been cheaper.


Synova said...

Author Wen Spencer features the Big Dig in the fourth book of her wonderful, Ukian Oregon series. It's really an alien attempt to "phone home." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Once Howie Carr is done with his Whitey book he should write one about the Big Dig. I have no doubt that outright criminal activities - materials substitution etc - are behind this fiscal and engineering disaster.