Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Sully crack-up begins

After months of diatribes against Bush, you know Andrew Sullivan’s inbox is being flooded with snide, gloating letters. Today he posted a quote from a small-time weblog and signed it off with this:

[From] Adam Yoshida, calling it as he sees it, on his popular blog.
Emphasis added. Petty and small, Mr. Big Blogger. Is the heat getting to ya?


Man of Issachar said...

this is the guys average that andrew linked to.

"Average Per Day 2,154"

that is a fairly nice following.

Eric said...

Actually, his hits were around 300/day before the Sullivan link which artificially pumped his average/day above 2,000.

Miguel said...

And even that 300 is going to plummet now that he's disabled comments, which were the only things on his blog that were ever worth reading in the first place.