Thursday, January 19, 2017

Donald sharpens the axe

Back in July, I linked to an article: "Neither Clinton Nor Trump Would Reduce the National Debt" indicating that neither candidate was really serious about reducing spending and living within our means.

Well, maybe that is changing.  Via the Hill: "Trump team prepares dramatic cuts."
The departments of Commerce and Energy would see major reductions in funding, with programs under their jurisdiction either being eliminated or transferred to other agencies. The departments of Transportation, Justice and State would see significant cuts and program eliminations.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.

Overall, the blueprint being used by Trump’s team would reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.
I'm with Ace on this one: I'll believe it when I see it.

Drug convictions voided

It looks like Obama isn't the only one letting people convicted on drug charges out of prison today.  Via Hit and Run: "Mass. Supreme Court Orders D.A. to Vacate Cases in Massive Forensics Scandal" "A corrupt crime lab tech tainted one in six drug cases in Massachusetts. The state high court just ordered prosecutors to drop thousands of those cases."

Fish gotta swim, NYT gotta lie

If I remember correctly, the New York Times said they were going to review the way they cover the news after Trump's surprising victory.  But some things never change.  Washington Examiner: "That New York Times hit piece on Perry was unsubstantiated garbage."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Prediction: Obama will pardon Ethel Rosenberg

You heard it here first.

In case you missed it, Obama commuted much of Bradley Manning's sentence yesterday, a move opposed by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, because...why not?  As Sean Davis noted: "Giving classified info to Wikileaks is good as long as it only endangers national security and not Democrat careers."

Why did Obama give comfort this traitor, particularly during this time when the Democrats are whining about the Russians "stealing" the election?  Maybe we'll find out in today's press conference in one of his filibuster-lengthed responses.  But I have a theory: Obama is addicted to the "history" thing.  He wants everything to be "historical" from kneecapping health care to giving Iran the bomb.  What was the rationale for reversing long-standing policy and opening up to Cuba?  History, baby, history.

So I think you'll see him make a last-minute splash and pardon Ethel Rosenberg despite all the evidence that she indeed spied for the Soviets.  All that stuff is so fifty years ago.

Best buddies no more

National Review: "Is the real Cory Booker now standing up?"  "If he opposes Betsy Devos, his former ally on school choice, he’ll reveal himself as a garden-variety partisan."  I think we know which was this is heading: get ready for a case of "serious concerns" such as the kind he had for his great friend Jeff Sessions.

Couldn't print to wireless printer from Windows 10

I know there were thousands - maybe millions - of readers wondering: "Why are there no new posts?"  Well I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get my HP wireless printer to print from my relatively-new Windows 10 Lenovo laptop.  It was working fine then suddenly it wasn't.

Let me take an interlude here to say that all the troubleshooting guides and "Print Doctor" programs are equally useless.  The HP programs in particular exist solely to sell ink and they will be purged later.  No matter what I did (updated drivers, toggle Wi-Fi, manually enter TCP/IP address), the printer would announce it was connected but there was always an error.

Long story short: eventually I went into McAfee, disengaged the firewall, and printed.  So something had updated to block my print spooler, for some reason.  I reset firewall defaults and I'm going to try again today but at least I know where the problem lies.  I'm writing this as a service to anybody else who might have seen a recent problem with their McAfee-protected computer.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Media re-discovers purpose

Daily Caller: "Liberal Journalists Rediscover Mission As Obama Leaves Office."  It's almost like they've been in a daze for eight years but now the real accountability starts!

Extra - From Instapundit.


Hit and Run: "Even the Feds are Warning that California's Bullet Train Is a Disaster in the Making."  "Just days after California Gov. Jerry Brown warned that the state was slipping back into deficit spending ($1.6 billion by next summer), the Los Angeles Times got its hands on a confidential internal report from the Federal Railroad Administration that points the fingers right back at the governor when it comes to wasteful spending."

Friday can't come fast enough

Obama still can't fathom the "severity of partisanship" in Washington.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Speaking of the circus shutting down

Hot Air: "The Clinton Global Initiative is closing its doors for good."  It couldn't continue if Hillary got elected but now it can't survive because the Clintons' political influence has dried up.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The day the clown cried

Associated Press: "Ringling Brothers circus to close after 146 years."
After 146 years, the curtain is coming down on "The Greatest Show on Earth." The owner of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus told The Associated Press that the show will close forever in May.

The iconic American spectacle was felled by a variety of factors, company executives say. Declining attendance combined with high operating costs, along with changing public tastes and prolonged battles with animal rights groups all contributed to its demise.
Wow, that's sad.  My folks took me to Madison Square Garden when I was a kid.  I guess the circus was a kind of throwback to a time when, if you wanted to see exotic animals and live shows, the circus coming to town was a cause for excitement.  Now it's all on YouTube, I suppose.

Get it together, Fox

The feed for the Seattle-Atlanta football game is so choppy the game is unwatchable.

No problems with the commercials, though!  Those are smooth as silk.

Good news everyone

The First Amendment lives again!  Legal Insurrection: "Dissent is patriotic again week in higher education."

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fake news and the NY Times

But I repeat myself.  Minuteman: "Fake news (ongoing layup drill)."  "My guess as to the dynamic in play? Every NY Times news meeting opens with "What is our Trump outrage du jour?". The staffers want it and their readers need it, so stories are bent to fit the desired narrative."

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Enough already

WSJ: "How Can We Miss a President Who Won’t Go Away?"
Every former president probably believes in his heart that he can do the job better than the guy in there now. But living in Washington, Mr. Obama is likely to think those thoughts more often than his distant counterparts have. That’s why it is unlikely he will stay silent for long once he departs the White House on next week.
There's another reason why I can see Obama chiming in on a regular basis: he's just about all the Democrats have left on the national stage.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Unintentional sincerity

At the tail-end of Samantha Bee's show, she said "This may be the last time I get to criticize Obama...which would also be the first time."

We know, Sam, we know.


Hot Air: "If you thought Cory Booker’s testimony against Jeff Sessions would be all about grandstanding for 2020, collect your prize."  "As the saying goes, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at a performance this shameless."

Extra - Powerline: "It proved precisely one thing: the utter shamelessness of Booker’s ambition."

Philly soda tax update

Remember this story about how Philadelphia raised the soda tax so that it almost equals the cost of the product itself?  The mayor is outraged that businesses are passing the cost on to customers.  Hit and Run: "Philly Mayor Blames ‘Price Gouging’ for Outrage Generated by City’s New Soda Tax - Businesses are passing along the cost of the tax to consumers, because that's how taxes work. Someone get Jim Kenney an economics textbook."

You can go now

This pretty much sums it up.  Washington Examiner: "Obama's farewell address longer than Reagan's, Clinton's and George W. Bush's combined."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Countdown to ecstacy

A little bright piece of news today.  Ace: "Clock Boy's Defamation Lawsuit Against Broadcasters Who Reported On His "Cool Clock" Dismissed."

Since the judge dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, it opens the door for the defendant to counter-sue for legal fees.  This will cut into Clock Boy's budget for old Radio Shack components.

They're a terrible bunch

Powerline: "Why America hates Hollywood, or should."

Executive power

Hit and Run: "If You're Freaking Out Over Donald Trump's Presidential Powers, Thank a Liberal! - Where were Democrats when Obama was going power-mad? Egging him on, mostly."
People are quick to forget that when Obama won election, he had large congressional majorities too and got everything he asked for during his first two years. Besides tripling troop strength in Afghanistan, expanding and extending TARP bailouts, passing a stimulus plan, and shoving Obamacare through, all that netted was a Repbublican Congress in the 2010 midterms. Suddenly, the guy who was fond of saying "elections have consequences" was singing a different tune, one about having "a pen and a phone" and how he wasn't just "going to be waiting around for legislation." And he didn't.
Thank heaven we're turning over these expanded executive powers to somebody with a great temperament.  This will end well.

Monday, January 09, 2017

They know so much that isn't so

The Democrats are holding a talkathon in the Senate tonight to talk about Obamacare.  I just saw my idiot Senator Markey on C-Span and his theme is that the Republicans are going to do away with preventive care that saves money and lives.  Well, that's not the case, but Markey has his story and he's sticking to it.

Soon it will be over

Jeff Jacoby: "At home and abroad, Obama's trail of disasters."  "In almost every respect, Obama leaves behind a trail of failure and disappointment."

To this long list of commission, let me add a crime of omission.  The looming insolvency of entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security are not going away and this President has done nothing - nothing at all - to address the problem.  For the past decade, the Trustees of these programs have submitted an annual report with the same message:
Both Social Security and Medicare face long-term financing shortfalls under currently scheduled benefits and financing. Lawmakers have a broad continuum of policy options that would close or reduce the long-term financing shortfall of both programs. The Trustees recommend that lawmakers take action sooner rather than later to address these shortfalls, so that a broader range of solutions can be considered and more time will be available to phase in changes while giving the public adequate time to prepare. Earlier action will also help elected officials minimize adverse impacts on vulnerable populations, including lower-income workers and people already dependent on program benefits.
Emphasis added.  Instead of amending the programs to ensure they survive, Democrats get drunk on their biannual spree of scaring Grandma.  Oh, well, they'll be out of office before last call, so it will be somebody else's problem.

The MSM cries "uncle"

Look who's getting branded as "fake news" nowadays.  Margaret Sullivan in the WashPost wants it to stop: "It's time to retire the tainted term 'fake news'."

This guy called it: "'Fake news' as shorthand will almost surely be returned upon the media tenfold."  You sowed the wind, now reap the whirlwind.