Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The loyal opposition

The line between the mainstream media and the political Left is blurred once again:
Washington Post reporter Janell Ross gave a presentation at a secretive California gathering where Democratic politicians, liberal activists, and their biggest donors plotted the future of the progressive movement without notifying her superiors that she would be attending, according to a Post spokesman.
Don't worry: these professionally-trained reporters can turn on the objectivity just like that.

Monday, November 20, 2017

She's a dummy but at least she has no principles

Minuteman: "How great is it to watch Lena Dunham spend a few moments on the sexual harassment dunk tank? Here is a woman of no conviction and no evident ability to anticipate the most obvious of points and counterpoints and she is simply flailing."

Lena Dunham is the "Mattress Girl" of Hollywood.  She desperately wants attention and victimhood and isn't above accusing a former college classmate of rape to achieve this status (and sell books):
Humiliated and facing a litigation nightmare, Random House paid the falsely accused College Republican’s legal fees after his lawyer complained. Stung and exposed, Dunham carped about conservative journalists who refused to cover up the real truth. She nursed her self-inflicted wounds by publishing a self-pitying diatribe on the liberal website Buzzfeed and posted a prominent Twitter selfie with runny mascara mimicking two black eyes.
Does Dunham think she can write "women don't lie about rape" and then do a 180-degree pivot without inviting ridicule?  I don't believe she thinks that far ahead; it's all about the buzz, that sweet, sweet "look at me" buzz.  And if crying wolf means that some women are not believed when they claim Charlie Rose grabbed some thigh, well, that's a sacrifice she's willing to make.

Whoever paid $1 for Newsweek got robbed

What an embarrassment.  Twitchy: "Journalism: Newsweek finds the hidden connection between Trump and Charles Manson." 

She didn't do nothin'

Old Lois Lerner: I didn't block Tea Party applications.

New Lois Lerner: You better seal my testimony or people will kill me.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Martin Truex Jr. wins NASCAR championship

I realize that stock car racing isn't everyone's cup of tea but today's championship race was one for the ages, especially if you love rooting for the underdog.

In previous seasons, races have been dominated by teams that could pool resources and throw a lot of money behind car development and personnel.  In 2010, for example, Jimmie Johnson's pit crew chief replaced the entire crew with another Hendricks Motorsports team.  This imbalance between the high-money teams and the single-car teams was all-too-evident during the years when the Hendrick, Childress, and Gibbs teams rolled to victory lane nearly every week.

So, brother, you just had to root for the single-car Furniture Row team and their New Jersey (!) driver Martin Truex Jr.  Truex was having a dream season with the most wins and top 10 finishes and all the pieces came together for him in the premiere race, holding off a determined run from Kyle Busch.  After the win, Truex was drenched with sweat and tears and I'm sure he kept his helmet on until he could compose himself.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Man's best friend

Time: "It’s Official: Dog Owners Live Longer, Healthier Lives."

I didn't want another dog after we had to put our last one down but one day I came home and - surprise! - my wife got another dog.  She's lying against me right now.  I'm too proud to admit that I wanted another dog, so let's leave it at that.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

We've reached peak grope

Between Franken, Moore, and the scattered Bill Clinton reference, I think Memeorandum is 80% sexual assault right now.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Supreme Court: It's a tax

Twitchy: "Sen. John Thune drops the mic on Dems objecting to adding individual mandate repeal to tax bill."  That means it can be repealed via budget reconciliation with only 50 votes in the Senate.

Don't screw this up, Republicans or it's Virginias for the near future.

2018 is almost here, New Yorkers!

Deplorable Climate Science Blog: "NASA’s top climate expert, James Hansen, predicted that by 2018 the Arctic would be ice-free, and Lower Manhattan would be underwater. Democrats call him a “climate prophet.” Only six weeks left to go!"