Monday, February 08, 2016

Feedback loop Rubio

WashPost: "Debate slip-up seems to halt Rubio’s momentum."

I didn't see the debate but I caught the cringeworthy "dispel the notion" performance and it just brought back all the concerns I have that Rubio is a lightweight.  Gee, maybe I need to give Christie a second look.

The only thing I know for sure is that I do not want Trump, mostly because I think he's completely flippant about a lot of important issues.  Oh, things are going to be "great" and "don't worry about it?"  No dice.  He'll get into a debate with Clinton, take a couple sharp jabs, then decide he doesn't want to run anymore.  That's how capricious he can be.

Gee, you girls are superficial

Says Gloria Steinem.  But at least she's sorry...sorry you misinterpreted her.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Day 4: Yeah, we ain't lookin'

Twitchy: "‘So bad at this’: Hillary’s defense of not releasing speech transcripts is predictable and ‘terrible’."

Yeah, Hillary isn't going to release the transcripts of her lucrative Goldman-Sachs speeches, just as certain people predicted.  The reason she's giving (now) is that she wants other people who gave private speeches to release their transcripts also.  Of course, there is no depth to how many such speeches would qualify, so therefore there will be no release.  Classic Clintonian.

Extra - Minuteman: "Another 'own goal' for Hillary."

It's football day!

Hit and Run: "Rams Stiff St. Louis, Leave City with $144 Million Bill - Even though the NFL team has left, taxpayers are still on the hook for stadium debt payments."

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Day 3: Looking and looking

Bloomberg: "Clinton Campaign Has No Answer Yet on Releasing Speeches to Goldman - A spokesman says the campaign is still looking into release as Clinton comes under attack for her Wall Street ties."

They're, like, in this filing cabinet and we think Scruffy has the key but he's out on his fishing boat right now.  We'll have to see when he gets back.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Day 2: The great looking-in continues

Hot Air: "Why won’t Hillary release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches?"

Hillary will never release these transcripts and she fervently hopes that the question never comes up again.  Do the American people deserve a "yes" or a "no"?  Well, forget it.

Update - NYT: "Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Resists Releasing Transcripts From Goldman Speeches"
In response to a question at Thursday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton said she would “look into” the possibility of releasing transcripts of her paid remarks to banking, corporate and financial services companies like Goldman Sachs.

But by Friday morning, it did not appear that much looking was underway.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

"I will look into it"

If you're a toddler, you know that "we'll see" really means "no."  My favorite question at the Sanders-Clinton debate in New Hampshire tonight was when Hillary was asked if she'll release the transcripts of all the speeches she's given, for huge bucks, to Goldman Sachs.

Basically, she said "no."  No you can't see them, America.

An American legend

Fox News: "Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White dead at 74."

The very first album (not CD, but the black, round waxy kind) I ever purchased was "All n' All" by Earth, Wind & Fire.  I was absolutely blown away by the horn-heavy sound.

Another story: my Led Zeppelin-lovin' classmate once derisively said to me: "Who do you like, Earth Wind & Fire?"  And I incredulously responded: Yes.  Yes I do.

RIP Maurice.  You were the best.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Can't we just let it rest for a day?

That day being Super Bowl Sunday?  American Spectator: "No Justice, No Football Here come the shutdown demonstrators to this Sunday’s Super Bowl."

Monday, February 01, 2016

It gets worse, Iowa

This just in.  Observer: "BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Put Spies’ Lives at Risk."
I can confirm that the FoxNews report, which lacks any specifics about exactly what was compromised, is accurate. And what was actually in those Top Secret emails found on Hillary’s “unclassified” personal bathroom server was colossally damaging to our national security and has put lives at risk.

Discussions with Intelligence Community officials have revealed that Ms. Clinton’s “unclassified” emails included Holy Grail items of American espionage such as the true names of Central Intelligence Agency intelligence officers serving overseas under cover. Worse, some of those exposed are serving under non-official cover. 

Something to think about, Iowa

Hugh Hewitt: "Hillary's emails disqualify her from the Presidency"
Just ask yourself what we would give to know what the Russian or Chinese foreign secretary was reading and sending every day in real time. That's what our enemies had for four years. Thanks, Hillary. Even the president was sending her emails the enemies of the United States were reading.

So she deleted 30,000 emails without anyone reviewing them. Now we have absolute confirmation that among those her clean up squad missed are documents of such sensitivity that the government can't release a word of them.
Keep in mind that it is the State Department that has classified these emails as "Top Secret" and this morning it was reported that the nature of the top secret classification is operational intelligence that put lives at risk.  Yet Hillary keeps repeating the mantra that this is an "interagency" dispute.  The State Department disagrees with the State Department?

Oh but the "markings."  Grandma can't figure out anything without the markings.

Extra - From Instapundit.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

You're the one that I want

That "Grease: Live" was remarkably good, despite some audio problems.

It was a welcome counterbalance to Lord Grantham vomiting blood on "Downton Abbey."

Update - Big ratings for Fox.  Hey, it was a good show.

Living in the media bubble

Points and Figures: "The New York Times Is Dumber Than I Thought."  It's all about feel-good-intentions.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hillary is swallowed by her lies

Sometime before today's news broke, Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post channeled her inner William Safire with "Hillary Clinton's historical problem with honesty":
But more recent issues of inaccuracies are both concerning and consequential. We now know with certainty (thanks to an email from Clinton to daughter Chelsea the night of the Benghazi attacks) that the then-secretary of state knew it was a terrorist attack, contrary to official reports, in the days following, about street riots that escalated. We also know from the intelligence community inspector general that her private server contained information ranked beyond top secret, contradicting her assertions to the contrary.
That was written when Parker was merely referring to "special access programs" which are, as I understand it, a different classification of "top secret."  And now today it's been reported by Fox News and the Associated Press that some emails in the the latest batch are so sensitive that they can release nothing:
The State Department formally announced Friday afternoon that seven email chains, found in 22 documents, will be withheld “in full” because they, in fact, contain “Top Secret” information.
What is Hillary's endgame here?  See if you can follow along:

"There is no classified material".
There is classified material but it wasn't marked at the time.
This classified material was classified after the fact.
There's an interagency dispute about what's really classified.
That inspector general is a leaker and probably a liar.

While visiting with family over Christmas, I had a mini-debate with my wife's uncle about whether Hillary would be indicted.  He said they would have done it already but I said the FBI had to make sure their case was super-tight before accusing a former First Lady and upsetting the political process.  I believe it more than ever and the thing that only bolsters my confidence is that Obama has been making public statements about how much he admires Hillary and there probably won't be an indictment.

This is classic "keep your friends closer and your enemies closer."  If Obama thinks Hillary is going down, he looks like the good pal who - more out of sorrow than anger - must bend to the recommendation of his FBI chief and appoint a grand jury.

Predictions: Bernie will win Iowa by a wide and surprising margin, sparking a panic in the DNC.  Then, Debbie "No debates!" Wasserman-Schultz makes a secret, midnight trip to the United States Naval Observatory.

Extra - Ace and Patterico.