Monday, June 18, 2018

The clean energy two-step

MassLive: "Massachusetts Senate passes ambitious clean energy bill."  "The idealistic goal would be reached by increasing the state's renewable portfolio standard by 3 percent every year, instead of the current 1 percent."

It sure worked out for Germany.  Hit and Run: "Germany Flops on Climate Change Goals - Germany won't be able to meet the goal of cutting emissions by 20 percent before 2020. But the attempt caused residential energy prices to double."

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Meathead gets one right

The Hill: "Rob Reiner denounces Robert De Niro, celebrities for anti-Trump remarks."  "You’re helping Trump by saying ‘F--- Trump,’ because he can say 'look at these people, these elitists,' ” Reiner told “Rising” co-hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton."

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Free speech win

Legal Insurrection: "SCOTUS: Minnesota can’t tread on voters’ t-shirts through “political” apparel ban at polling places."

This 7-2 ruling does not allow for campaigning but does permit your "Don't Tread On Me" T-shirt.  This case was first heard back in February and had some humorous exchanges.

Server? What illegal email server?

Federalist: "IG Report Shows Obama Lied When He Said He Knew Nothing About Hillary’s Secret E-mail Scheme."
In 2015, President Obama told America he only learned that his secretary of state Hillary Clinton was illegally using a private email server to conduct public business after The New York Times published a story saying so. Today’s release of a Department of Justice inspector general report shows that was a lie.
Bottom of page 89, y'all.

Extra - Twitchy: "1. Hillary was unbelievably reckless. 2. Scrubbing the reference to Obama was an enormously consequential change."

Emails? What emails? Oh, those emails.

Hot Air: "Did The FBI’s Slow Walk Of The Weiner Laptop Investigation Cost Clinton The Election?"

McCabe and Strzok sat on them for three weeks and then Comey felt compelled to reveal the renewed investigation right before the election.  But what might have been:
Comey told the OIG that, had he known about the laptop in the beginning of October and thought the email review could have been completed before the election, it may have affected his decision to notify Congress.
Something got buried and it was Hillary.

Monday, June 11, 2018

It's official: the Russian collusion story is a dud

How do I know this?  Vox's Matthew Yglesias has a story called: "There’s actually lots of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion."  These are actual quotes to support his thesis:
I would not necessarily call any of this “evidence” of collusion, but it’s certainly grounds for suspicion.
That Trumpworld was clearly open to both political collusion and financial dealmaking with the Russian government doesn’t demonstrate that either actually occurred. But it’s unquestionably evidence in favor of the possibility. 
This one made me laugh.  Yes, it's definitely maybe that there's unquestionable evidence of a possibility.  It's right in front of your eyes, America!

Yglesias is so often wrong he invites articles like "Does Matthew Yglesias Ever Tire Of Being Embarrassingly Wrong About Everything?" So if he says that Russian collusion is a thing, you can rest assured it is not.

Thanks, Bobby D

American Conservative: "A Tale of Two Tonys" looks at the Tony Awards and Anthony Bourdain:
I can’t imagine that many Trump voters were watching the Tony Awards last night, so they wouldn’t have seen that virtue-signaling display. But it will enjoy a long life on social media, where it will do Donald Trump a lot of good with the masses, because it will solidify their entirely accurate belief that the cultural elites hate them. De Niro and the standing-ovation-giving audience are so vain that they don’t recognize this.
DeNiro was a profile in courage, delivering his crude attack against Trump to a Broadway crowd in the heart of New York City.  It was like Daniel in the lion's den.

Friday, June 08, 2018

The second half of the NBA championship

Social insecurity

Some cheery analysis from Zero Hedge on Social Security's pending insolvency:
The entire social support framework faces an inevitable conclusion where no amount of wishful thinking will change that outcome. The ONLY question is whether our elected leaders will start making the changes necessary sooner, while they can be done by choice, or later, when they are forced upon us.
Yeah, it's going to be the latter.

"My fight is over."

Sad news: "Fox News star Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live in heartbreaking letter."

I saw him at the University of Massachusetts in April 2015 where he talked about the "Consequences of American Retreat."  Great guy.  He'll be missed.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Number one, baby

WSJ: "Americans’ Wealth Surpasses $100 Trillion."

No dice

Andrew McCarthy: "Andrew McCabe Seeks Immunity for . . . What?" "Once McCabe realizes the Judiciary Committee will not give him immunity or otherwise interfere with the Justice Department’s ability to prosecute him, he is apt to become a much more forthcoming witness."

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Who could have seen this coming?

Oh, right, everybody.  Hot Air: "Shocker: McDonald’s Will Have Self-Order Kiosks In All Stores By 2020." 

Check it out: Nancy Pelosi lied

I know, I was as shocked as you.  Today the Trustees for Medicare and Social Security said the trust funds were being depleted and we should do something.  Nancy Pelosi sprang into action to scare Grandma:
Responding to the new report, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi faulted to the GOP tax bill’s impact on declining tax revenues.

“The GOP tax scam’s massive, unpaid-for giveaways to the wealthiest 1 percent and big corporations have gravely undermined the future of Medicare and Social Security, and now Republicans want America’s seniors to pay the bill,” she said in a statement.
Of course, Medicare and Social Security are paid out of FICA taxes which were not affected by the recent tax reform plan.  Demagoguing entitlements is all Nancy has because she certainly has never advanced a plan to fix the problem despite yearly warnings from the Trustees.

The secret is out

Ace: "Chris Matthews Rips Democrats as "A Party of Attitude and Elitism"."

Monday, June 04, 2018


In honor of both the Stanley Cup playoffs and the end of "The Americans":

Saturday, June 02, 2018

There go those Republicans again

Hot Air: "Inspector General’s Report Isn’t Out Yet, But The Washington Post Is Already Worried Republicans Will Seize On It."
This “Republicans seize” trope is what you get when 90% of the reporters in the national media are Democrats. As long as that systemic problem remains, we’ll keep seeing bad news for Democrats repackaged as attacks by Republicans.
Ignore that news harmful to Democrats; let's focus on the GOP highlighting it for political gain, darn them.