Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Charles Krauthammer at UMass

Tonight, I went to see Charles Krauthammer at the UMass Fine Arts Center on the "Consequences of American Retreat."  It was a mixture of domestic and foreign policy commentary to a mostly-supportive audience, which is odd for Massachusetts.

He took five questions at the end and what struck me was his response to "What do you think about the situation in Baltimore?"  He didn't spend one word on the demonstrations but instead on the actions of the police.  Having seen the video in detail, he believes Freddie Gray's spine must have been severed during the initial encounter with the police.  Krauthammer went on to speculate that whatever damage that was done was exacerbated by the "bumpy ride" in the paddy wagon and only an independent prosecutor could credibly investigate the cops.


Anonymous said...

This comment is entirely untrue. I was there. He was VERY clear. He speculated that Mr Gray may have sustained his spinal injury before being dragged by police,as evidenced by lack of leg movement but especially decried the lack of transparency in the investigation, called for an impartial third party to investigat and was very clear to include that in no way does this mean he condones violence. A very reasonable anwer, I thought.

Eric said...

What? What did I say that is untrue? I said he sustained the spinal injury in his initial encounter with the police; I just didn't explicate that it was evidenced by a lack of his legs moving.

I said he called for an independent investigator. And, yes, it was a reasonable and measured answer.