Friday, April 03, 2015

Speak up or shut up

Hit and Run: "New York Times Opposes Corporate Speech in Citizens United, Cheers Corporate Speech Against Indiana RFRA - Corporate speech is problematic for the Times, except when it’s not."
In other words, according to the Times, it is a threat to democracy when corporate power is used to “intimidate elected officials,” but it is both beneficial and applaudable when several of America’s most powerful corporations throw their weight around in the hopes of influencing elected officials to take a particular side in a contentious political dispute.

Got it? Me neither.
A person could become very rich indeed if he/she earned a nickel every time the New York Times was called out for "principals" that were malleable to political persuasion.

Let me guess: the filibuster is a cherished practice of the Senate again, right?

Extra - Hot Air: "The Left's new love of corporate speech."

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