Thursday, April 23, 2015

Things the Clintons want you to believe

The partial list:
  • Large payments to the Clinton Foundation - including a $500,000 payoff for a Bill Clinton speech - was simply coincidental with a uranium deal with Kazakhstan.
  • It's also coincidental that Bill's speaking fee spiked after Hillary became Secretary of State.
  • Six out of eight winners for the State Department award also contributed to the Clinton Foundation - coincidence.
  • The Clinton Foundation reported it received zero dollars from foreign contributions, despite an agreement with the Obama administration to report such contributions, but this was due to shoddy bookkeeping and not a conscious attempt to hide foreign influence.
  • Hillary had a private email server because she didn't want to carry two devices and she erased her server because it just had a lot of yoga workout records.
  • The right-wing media is biased against the Clintons.

And, no, they don't think you're stupid.  Heavens to Betsy.


Vince Foster said...

Maybe it's true, or maybe it "raises troubling questions." Either way, here's the old favorite book that's going to blunt the impact of the GOP's new favorite book:

I ain't no ways tired said...

The question for Democrats (and their voters) is, at what level of corruption does something resembling conscience start to stir?