Thursday, April 02, 2015

Look to the Lone Star State

I'm still confused about the interpretation of Indiana's RFRA but, according to this NPR interview, the answer is to copy Texas:
SIEGEL: Governor Pence of Indiana has requested changes in his state's law. Would there be any meaningful changes other than the provisions you've just cited here about corporations or about nongovernment lawsuits?
EPPS: The governor says he wants the law clarified in order to make clear that it is not, quote, "a license to discriminate." If he wants to do that, there's an easy fix, and it's the one that Texas adopted, Section 110.011 of the Texas code. That says this bill does not apply as a defense in a civil rights action except when such an action is brought against a church in a question of who can volunteer. So churches are protected, but the general nondiscrimination statutes like the ones in Indianapolis will not be affected. That would fix the problem, I think.
There you go.

Extra - Over at Hit and Run, Andrew Napolitano thinks the law in its current form is no good.

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