Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Iranians troll John Kerry hard

This is just sad now.  Hot Air: "Report: French, German FMs say they’re leaving Iran talks in the morning as U.S. vows to extend into Wednesday."

That's right: the United States is never going to walk away from the negotiating table because Obama has framed the situation thusly: 1) an agreement and diplomatic success or 2) you want war.
When you know that the guy in charge on the other side of the table isn’t going to walk away, no matter what, why not pile on the demands at the last minute? You’ll probably get an extra concession or two out of it.
Known Francophile John Kerry is in no hurry to leave Switzerland where he's trading his time doodling on a legal pad for a couple hours a day before retiring to his favorite restaurant with a fine red wine and steak au poivre vert.  Party on, Johnny boy.

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