Thursday, March 05, 2015

Right on cue!

As predicted, Hillary Clinton's initiative to piss on your leg and tell you it's raining is afoot:
Come on, man. No one’s this gullible, right? Hillary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act for four years, hid all of her e-mails as Secretary of State for nearly six years, and only began giving some of those communications to State a couple of months ago. Now that the FOIA dodge has been exposed, Hillary wants everyone to believe that she’s a paragon of transparency.

No one’s buying this, are they?
No, they're not, so the new strategy is to say "What difference does it make?"

By the way, if you want to get a taste for what a security disaster this is, check out this post by an IT professional who uses something called DomainTools to pull up information on servers and such:
To summarize: according to, the domain has been hosted by Confluence Networks since 12/22/2011, more than three years. Confluence Networks, based out of the British Virgin Islands, has only existed as a domain ( since April 2011, appears to be closely related to a Dubai-based media advertising firm, and has always had its domain name managed by, a registration privacy firm that lists addresses out of Luxembourg and Australia, but gives a phone number apparently out of Denmark, and that shows up repeatedly in connection with fraud, scam, and spam-related domains.
No, no questions or issues there.
Caribbean tax shelters, Luxembourg and Dubai?  Oh, heavens no, there's no shakedowns going on here.

Extra - From Vodkapundit: "It just get worse."  FOIA dodging and security breaches, oh my!

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