Sunday, November 21, 2004

Follow-up on W. Mass soldier story

Only a day after I overheard a story about a wounded Western Massachusetts soldier, an article appeared in the local Sunday paper confirming almost every detail:
[Cpl. Michael] Daly is the second local Marine to be wounded in Fallujah. Earlier, U.S. Marine Sgt. Justin W. Green of Deerfield was seriously wounded when entering a house. An insurgent killed another Marine and then fired two shots into Green's flak jacket.

Green returned fire and killed the man, whose suicide-bomb vest exploded, knocking Green unconscious and sending shrapnel into his leg and eye. He is currently being treated at a military hospital in Germany.
It looks like the only details where the accounts differ is whether or not shrapnel got into Green's eye; also it was a house and not a mosque. Still, you heard it here first.

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