Monday, November 22, 2004

Kerry Vote Watch

From January until last week, John Kerry had worked exactly four days in the U.S. Senate, casting a vote on only 17 out of 211 floor votes. With the election over, Kerry returned to Washington and doubled his work days in just one week. He recorded a vote on all four Senate votes (one per day), bringing his missed vote percentage down from 92% to only 90%. Exhausted from the heavy workweek, Kerry retired to his wife’s Nantucket home with some Earl Grey tea.


Anonymous said...

I understand Kerry prefers green tea. Which, much to his chagrine, you can't get at Denny's. Fortunately, instead of calling the waitress an SOB, he decided the Lipton's would be all right.

Didn't we fight a revolution thingy a couple hundred years ago in order to get rid of the tea drinkers?

Dusty said...

Do I perceive an effort at subliminal messaging in the use of word 'retired'?