Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I love laughing at Democrats

If this doesn’t put the exclamation point on the drubbing the Democrats took in 2004, then I don’t know what does:

The election was already achingly close, but the recount in the race for governor of Washington State was almost absurdly close, the results showed Wednesday. Former State Senator Dino Rossi, the Republican who was declared the winner last week by 261 votes, won the recount by a mere 42, of almost three million cast.

And the bizarre contest is anything but settled. Democrats said the vote - 48.8717 percent to 48.8702 percent, as recounted by machine - was far too close for their candidate, State Attorney General Christine Gregoire, to concede. They said they would request a third count, this one by hand, possibly featuring the inspection of, yes, chads.
It’s almost like we planned the whole thing, just to taunt them. Just like we did in Ohio! (Disclaimer: we did not fix the polls in Ohio...much).

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Professor Future said...

I love laughing at Democrats

And the big punchline was that Rossi and the Republicans in fact lost this race, and Christine Gregoire won it.

And then Governor Gregoire whipped Rossi again, in their 2008 rematch. And then she was succeeded by another Democrat. The state of Washington hasn't had a Republican governor since 1985. But at least you got that one great laugh out of it. That's something.