Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Amazing Race 6 update

With the exception of a second-place finish for the insufferable “team” of Jonathan (and Victoria) tonight’s episode was great. The teams started from Iceland and flew to Oslo, Norway where they had to find an Olympic ski jump. This was the first roadblock where one team member had to zip-line down the ramp; also, our host Phil K. informed viewers that a new rule was in effect that no team member could perform more than six roadblocks. My wife and I looked at each other knowingly: this shall be henceforth known as the “Chip and Kim” rule in honor of last year’s winning team. (Through 13 legs of the Amazing Race 5, Chip performed twelve of the roadblocks while wife Kim finished one.)

Team Adam & Rebecca: the rumor on the street is that Rebecca didn’t want to date Adam at first because she thought he was gay. But now they’re a couple, I guess. Hmmmm. Adam climbs to the top of the ski lift, takes a look at the height, and says: “Tell my Mom I love her.” As he’s descending, he’s screaming “I love you, Mom!” Uh-huh.

After the zip-line, the teams re-assembled to row across a lake in two boats. Team Freddy & Kendra lose their clue and take another from the clue box. Big mistake: later at the pit stop, they’re penalized 30 minutes for breaking a race rule. Two other teams finish ahead of them, but they still pull in 8th place.

At the detour, the teams can either roller-ski through the Norwegian countryside or engage in several tasks of accuracy based on Viking lore (axe-throwing, archery). All the teams struggle mightily but Kris and Jon finish first and race to the Pit Stop as Team #1. New York girls Meredith and Maria came in last and were eliminated.

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Martin said...

Jonathan appears to be on the edge of physically assaulting his (admittedly whiny) wife on several occasions during the show - he might find himself with a million bucks and nobody to share it with at the rate he's going.

Truly a great show though, this is my first season and I am absolutely hooked.

I've never seen such an incompetent display of driving a stick as that displayed by Meredith and Maria last night - why didn't they ask someone to show them how it's done?