Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My letter to the editor

I hadn’t mentioned this, but I wrote a letter to the editor of the Pioneer Valley left-wing rag in response to a half-baked article about the “disaster awaiting the GOP” on election day. Here’s one paragraph from the letter which was published about a week ago:

They smell the disaster that awaits the GOP . I'm going to make two predictions here. First, on November 3rd, Americans will find that the Republicans still control the White House and Congress. And in his first article after election day, [columnist] Bisbort will not write an article noting that the Republicans ran a better campaign and presented a message that resonated with more voters. Instead, he will -- without a shadow of a doubt -- complain bitterly that the electorate was duped and Americans are stupid.
One prediction came true and the other’s a fait accompli.

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