Monday, November 08, 2004

Bad news for Walter Cronkite: Report sees few drawbacks on wind farm

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Man of Issachar said...

I love this, it really shows the enviormentalist for what they are.

If you want to save the enviroment you have going to have to use better technology (wind power being one of them).

Which it also happens that the best wind is in some of the best locations.

"Although other offshore wind farms have been proposed around the country, such as one off Long Island, Cape Cod's is the largest and the first to go through the federal permitting process. Elsewhere in the world, offshore wind farms are becoming more popular, especially as residents fight to exclude wind turbines from scenic mountaintops."

The left's ablity to shift responsbility to others now apparently works with the enviorment.

You must save the enviorment, but I don't have to is what i am hearing.