Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Everyone knows it’s Condi

To the tune of “Windy” by the Association:

Who’s peekin’ out from her West Wing office?
Sits in the Foggy Bottom head chair
Who’ll “Meet the Press” then play the piano?
Everyone knows it’s Condi

Who’s tripping down the steps of the White House?
Smilin’ at all the pols that she sees
Who’s jetting off to the next G8 summit?
Everyone knows it’s Condi
(Idea shamelessly lifted from this Slings and Arrows post).


Caltechgirl said...

Here's one set to Barry Manilow's Mandy from the WKRR morning show in Greensboro, NC:


Anonymous said...

But you forgot the other half of the song!

And Condi tells.... awkward lies
Whenever she.... testifies,
Who cares about.... dumb allies?
Just "mushroom clouds".... they scare the crowds....

Who overlooks the point of a memo,
Bin Laden's plans all right there to see?
Who's reaching out to capture the wrong guy?
Everyone knows it's Condi!

Now, let's medley into:
'Churlish' is the word I use to descriiiiiibe.....