Wednesday, November 17, 2004

News flash: this is war

I wonder how the media and the Left would react to the following (fictional) story: “News footage recovered from a Fallujah mosque yesterday revealed that the blast that killed four Marines was caused by a suicide bomber. The American soldiers securing the mosque are seen inquiring a prone man as to his condition when he turned over suddenly, shouted “Allah Akbar” and detonated a grenade. Embedded reporter Kevin Sites was also killed in the blast. This incident follows one a day previous where a U.S. Marine was killed by a booby-trapped body.”

Get a grip, people. These insurgents are the same kind of suicidal thugs that found a rationale to murder a woman who dedicated her entire life to making Iraq a better place. From what I can ascertain, the Marine was completely in his rights to protect himself and his comrades (and it looks like Brian, Matt, John C., John H., and a whole lot of others agree.)


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! No way we're going to let the MSM take down one of our Marines just b/c they want to get Dubya. The guy was absolutely right to waste the piece of shit jihadist.

Anonymous said...

The Diplomad site has an interesting take on the Fallujah marine incident. They post that embeds must get clearance for their film from a US military censor. They say that a censor screwed up on this one.