Monday, November 15, 2004

Get happy!

Looking down at some of my recent posts, they’re pretty depressing (famine, the Big Dig, Arafat). I should be reveling in the victory of two weeks ago. Rich Lowry reminds us in “Bush’s Well-Mapped Road to Victory - How Rove & co. pulled it off” (portion from National Review magazine):

It is difficult yet to have much perspective on Bush's freshly minted reelection victory, but it may well rank among the most extraordinary Republican campaigns ever. Confronting bad news almost daily, a ferocious attack by a united Left, and a hostile press corps, Bush won a resounding victory. His campaign was strategically brilliant and technically proficient, correctly assessing the nature of the electorate and election from the beginning and acting on its knowledge with great tactical verve. It built a grassroots force that, had it been marshaled on behalf of a liberal, would be celebrated as a great "people's army." It creatively found a way around the establishment press. And it brought home a win that could be a long-term boon to conservative ideas.
Yes! Then I just found out that Patrick Ruffini is back to his personal blog after his fine work at BC04; and he’s got the pictures of James Carville putting a trash can on his head (2002) and smashing an egg on his face (yesterday). The yolk was on Carville after he declared that Bush's victory was "the greatest political achievement of my lifetime."

And to top it all off, today I heard my favorite Grass Roots song on the radio: “Temptation Eyes.” It’s all good.

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