Friday, November 26, 2004

Hollywood pinkos whitewash the Red threat

From today’s NY Post Page Six:

SOME historians are getting worked up over George Clooney's plan to make a movie about Edward R. Murrow, the legendary broadcaster who helped bring down red-baiting Sen. Joe McCarthy. Evidence continues to surface from Kremlin records and Nikita Khruschev's diaries that Communist spies had penetrated the State Department, and that Alger Hiss and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were indeed Soviet spies. But Clooney is expected to downplay the red threat while portraying McCarthy as a demagogic villain. Said one expert: "By discrediting McCarthy, Murrow actually helped hide the truth of the Soviet penetration of the U.S. government."
I’m shocked, shocked that a journalist put ideology ahead of the truth - not.

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Anonymous said...

By the way, Edward R. Murrow's real name was Egbert Roscoe Murrow. To steal the classic line about Howard Cosell (nee Cohen), he changed his anme from Egbert to Edward and built a career on absolute honesty.