Monday, November 22, 2004

Even the “Retro vs. Metro” partisans know the truth

A group called “Retro vs. Metro” ran a series of full-page newspaper ads and Internet banners in the months leading up to the election, showing “the great divide” in America between the “retros” and “metros.” George Bush, Mel Gibson, and “smart bombs” were “retro” while John Kerry, Michael Moore and “smarter kids” were portrayed as “metro.” Here’s a recent blog entry by one Metro-sexual:

When hubby revealed he'd voted for Bush, I had to restrain myself from screaming, "Are you insane?"
This underscores Jim Geraghty’s prediction that the Democrats’ new slogan will be: “Vote for us, you drooling morons!” But the woman with the level-headed husband comes to her senses:

I'd provided him a hundred reasons not to vote for Bush, he went and did it anyway. But the problem was with me---not with the primal retro nodes of his brain. You see, before the election, while I could filibuster him with reasons why Bush sucks and deserved to be re-defeated, I was at a loss to provide even one cogent reason to vote for Kerry. And I think that summarizes Kerry's defeat. Even the zealots who wanted to see him get elected could not articulate why a vote should be cast for him (vs. against Bush). I do believe there was a world of moderate Republicans and fence-sitters who were just waiting for Kerry to give them a reason to vote for him, but the reason never materialized---mushy messaging plagued Kerry's campaign, a campaign defined by its failure to go for the jugular. In my liberal circle, I have yet to run across anyone who waxes poetic over what an amazing president Kerry would make. The Dems worked so hard to try to make him all things to all people that he failed to incite anyone's passions.
Lesson: you can’t beat something with nothing. [Ed. – but he had “plans” - loads of ‘em!]

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