Monday, August 18, 2008

Time to earn my punditry creds - The word on the street is that Barack Obama is about to pick his vice president.

Here's the official Viking Pundit prediction: Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island.

Reasons: As a former Army Ranger and member of the Armed Services Committee, he brings national security credentials. He brings age balance, geographical balance, and (importantly) he won't overshadow Obama. He's a relatively new face (elected in 1996) so he fits in with Obama's message of "change."

The oracle has spoken.

Extra - Right Wing News has the VP rundown but my choice isn't on there. So I'm probably spot on! Stay tuned.

More - Evan Bayh? Free Republic finds a scrubbed CNN story of an Obama aide who "accidentally" revealed Obama's pick. Disinformation or real? You make the call.


Anonymous said...

Good pick, Eric; I think Obama really needs to nail down the Northeast liberal voting bloc...

Brian said...

Bayh is the only one who makes me nervous. I hope he picks Biden.

Anonymous said...

Crucial! Game-changing! This will be the most significant Vice Presidential pick of our lifetimes. It almost approaches when they got a new Becky on "Roseanne."