Friday, August 01, 2008

Even a cat has only nine lives

Fox News sez Zawahiri may be dead again:

Al Qaeda’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, may be injured or even dead, according to a CBS News report based on an intercepted letter that urgently requests a doctor to treat Zawahiri.
To be fair, the first place I saw this rumor/development was the Jawa Report. Strange that all this would occur only a day after the anthrax guy offed himself.


Eirik said...

The last time that it was widely reported that he was dead, didn't he make a snarky video immediately to rub everyones nose in the fact that he wasn't dead? What are we to think if he doesn't do that again?

For that matter, could this be an effort to get him to poke his head up? I imagine that those videos leave some kind of trail, even if it's thin.

Anonymous said...

It could also be an effort to turn his trail cold. After all, if he's "dead" why keep looking?

Anonymous said...

I think it reveals a demotion for "second in command" Zawahiri. Haven't we killed "the #3 man in Al Qaeda" about fifteen times now? That #3 dude's like the bad guy from The Matrix.