Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Somebody page Mario Cuomo - Mark Warner just gave one of the most boilerplate, passionless, forgettable speeches in convention history. As Winston Churchill said of his pudding: "it has no theme."

Update - Ah! Mark Shields on PBS stole my line. He just said something like "it was no Mario Cuomo." For the record, former NY Governor Cuomo was the (unforgettable) keynote speaker at the 1984 DNC.

Extra - Linda Chavez on Contentions: "Mark Warner is doing nothing for Barack Obama - he’s using his slot as keynote speaker to advance his own senatorial ambition. This is the weirdest convention in my memory."

On that note, all the speakers seem so tepid and humorless. Warner had a self-deprecating line about following Hillary Clinton - I think it was a joke - but nobody laughed. I feel like Peter on "Family Guy" watching the Chekhov play "Uncle Vanya": "Somebody throw a pie!"

More - Montana governor Brian Schweitzer is getting some people off their seats now. Lots of smiles and waving signs.

Final word - Andrew Sullivan: "I'm not judging their accomplishments, merely noting that Mark Warner and Bob Casey were terribly mediocre speakers, their speeches unfocused, their themes muddled, and their style close to non-existent."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Warner was surprisingly lame. Doesn't Howard Dean screen these guys?